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Know Your Farmer!

Hola Bone In Family & Friends,

We hope you have enjoyed all our offerings with the Buyers Club so far. We all are working hard for you!!

For all newcomers, welcome aboard to discovering some of your communities most sustainable, healthy foods.  Check out our Buyers Club and join up via text or e-mail to help us get all our local farmers a place to feed all year long.

As of now, almost two and a half years in business, we are HAPPY to announce that Bone -In has yet to dispose of anything. In a country that disposes of close to $190B of food each year, this is a very very great feat. We thrive on sustainability!!!



Deep Cuts.

Bone In is a knowledge based, Paleo Strong, healthy & convenient food service. We provide the cleanest, most delicious & nutrient dense food options to our community of buyers from many of their local sustainable farms. We provide and promote the health benefits of pastured meats, bone broths, probiotics, and a whole, clean food diet. Our mission is to create awareness of the major influences food has on our overall health and how modern industrial practices are responsible for the influx of health epidemics around the world. To change this, things must start small. Lets Grow!

Our Foods Include:

Grass Fed & Finished Beef Products, Pastured Free Range Chicken & Pork, Bone Broths, Vegetables from Sustainable Farms, Nuts/Seeds, Organic Spices, Ghee / Tallow / Lard / Natural Oils, Unrefined Sea Salts

Our Foods Are Free Of:

Preservatives, Gluten, Refined Sugars, Refined Oils, Grains, Legumes, Table Salts, Emulsifiers, GMOs,

Our Approach.

We support our local farmers who designate a percentage of their harvest and fresh meats to us each season. Our missions are to make certain no food goes to waste, cook with the highest amount of freshest local ingredients as possible, and provide convenience as well as affordability to you.  Limit the time you spend thinking about how to eat cleaner and healthier as we will do it for you. We will soon provide a subscription based model ensuring that you will receive products and foods to eat locally and fresh more often.

Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well.

Eating clean, real foods, helps eliminate oxidative stress and allows our bodies to perform at their peak. Being that we all eat, on average, 3 times a day for the entirety of our lives, oxidative stress is now considered the number one cause for inflammatory induced disease. Our bodies are only meant to process real food in their purest and most natural form. Even though we have slightly evolved to many of the processed foods available since the turn of the industrial revolution; autoimmune epidemics, diseases, and obesity related illnesses are still on the rise. To function at the most ideal state, many of the bodies processes need to be maintained. When oxidative stress occurs, this is not the case. Yet, the negative effects are so minimal that they might not even be felt or noticed in the immediate. Instead they are felt when our body’s tolerance meets it’s threshold, not only affecting our everyday well being, but our longevity and the longevity of future generations. Do we say eliminate all that we have known to be enjoyable? No. We just need to change our approach of how often the better foods are eaten over the bad.

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